Friday, December 24, 2010

Miguel is a "Sure Thing"

Wow.. Usher sure knows talent when he see it. Miguel has been blazing the r&b charts with his song "All I want is you" ft J.Cole, now he's debut this as his second single. It's an amazing song with an amazing sound, I'm sure he'll be around for awhile. No one hit wonder!!

Celebs holiday shopping

Rihanna loves that pink hat..

Ooh Gaga..isn't it Freezing?

Kourtney and Scott look a lot happier, where's the baby?!?!

Dirty Money's really clean

This trio here happens to be called "Dirty Money" but I've noticed nothing but cleanliness in there appearance. This group are extremely stylish, every time they hit the red carpet, performance or on any show they are Fresh. Continue to watch out for this Trio, by the way Last train to Paris is in stores now!!!