Saturday, January 8, 2011

Law Enforcement

I'm normally all for cops enforcing and making the streets safe but I'm bamboozeled about the many times cops have taken innocent lives. In Rochester there has been sudden deaths or shootings by law enforcement. A 15 yr old boy was hit by a police officer and he died, last night a guy was shot by a police officer because he appeared to have a gun, but he didn't have a gun. Cops have been abusing and taking innocent lives since Rodney King. Someone needs to put an end to it or better training. I'm sure you've all heard of the Sean bell shooting when the cops shot and killed sean bell before his wedding day and didn't get charged. I'm starting to think that maybe the cops are the gang because they stick up for there officers but they don't stick up for the citizens which is there job. Shows like Law and Order and CSI shows how dedicated officers and detectives are at capturing and pursuing a suspect. I know its just a show but we need more officers to take on these roles instead of placing cameras in the inner cities hoping to catch a drug dealer. What they need to do is go out here and catch some killers the only killers they pursue is if its one of there own.

B2k whats up?!?!

Now omarion has came out saying that "I'm a proud, Bi-sexual man". Whats going on?! anymore ??!?. When I was 12 and 13 I adored B2k now to hear that some members are gay or bi-sexual or have been raped is freaky!!! I hope this story is cleared up and they fix their images because this Gay,Bi-sexual stuff isn't a good look!!


Cute but weird can u say!!?!?! lol.. I think a fan made this But Beyonce would look good with Rihanna's swag lol

Wifing strippers maddness

Kanye started a trend of wifing strippers now everyone doing it; Drake,Camron the list goes on!! I'm just wondering does it make sense. Men claim they want wifey material but a stripper isn't wifey material if she exposing all her goods for cash. I would assume a man would want that all for himself and not others especially if she wifey!! what's yall intake on this growing trend!!

Falling whistles

The biggest war in the world is in Congo!!"Congo is this overwhelming issue. It’s the biggest war in the world: 5.6 million dead, at least; 2,000 dying per day; 70 percent of the rapes of the world is in Congo"-Carasso the thing that's even more terrifying is that they are stealing children specifically young boys all under 15 and making them fight in war. The young boys that are to small to hold a gun are given whistles and are told to whistle when they see the enemy coming. They are basically used as human shields because they are then killed. This happens everyday and we aren't aware of it because it isn't happening in America. I'm all for dedicating and these whistles are only $44.00 that's including shipping and handling. Everyone should go out and purchase it..It's for a great cause!!

Beyonce's Loreal 2011

This is the stunning pic for her new ad.. looks like they got her skin color correct this time too!!.. The one below was the old ad where people were ranting at Loreal for making the ad for fair skinned women when Beyonce does have some brown to her skin.. if u asked me it was major photo shop done to the old ad!!..can we say huge difference!!

Rihanna u go girl!!

On New Years eve!! Check her out!!
A party wasn't a party if big bro's weren't there lol!!!

The Cornrows 2011 Trend!!?!?

Hmm maybe its the trend so many celebs have took it back to their cornrow days that I happen to think its going to be a huge trend this year, not to mention I seen a girl at my school with them as well. My bestfriend was mentioning to me she wanted to get some too, so yeah be on the look out for that. I don't personally want those poetic justice type braids :|.. But check the celebs out who went back to their roots.
Y'all remember these days though right!!
Check out brandy taking it back!!(this is recent yall see Terrance j)
Now im taking it back to old brandy!!In this pic its her dad and grandmother, Moesha days..doesn't seem like brandy ages!!
Lol Kim K in Cornrows!?! (for her video)


so apparently my "Sorry" post offended some people.. I'm sorry to whom it may have offended, the people who think it was directed towards them it wasn't and I'll always love you!!You have my heart!!
lol :p love you!!