Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wildfox Love is Everything Crew Neck Tee in many colors - as seen on Beyonce

You can get this hot little T-shirt at for $64

Cute little Outfit I made on polyvore!!!

What do you guys think the trend for 2011 will be?!?! Let me guess!! uh!! bell bottoms!!!?!? lady gaga platforms?!?! hmm we'll have to see!!

Ride or Die chick!!

Okay so Tiny is officially the number one ride or die chick, since day one she has been down for her man... lol recently she tried to give her man a hand job in prison. C'mon son!! moment lmao!!. no seriously .. I know she a celeb and all but she know better than trying to get down like that in a prison and from those pictures that leaked recently of TI naked it doesn't seem like she had much to tug onto but hey everybody likes what they like.. and I truly do believe Tiny took those marriage vows to the heart.. till death shes gonna ride for her husband!!!.. Thats right Girl!!


I've been busy working these last few days so I didn't have enough time to post anything!!.. So yeah now I can ...Make sure you guys follow me on twitter @TyshalaW.. some advice!! just because I always go through this!! and I never really understand why but now I do.. All you have in life is yourself!! whatever needs to be done for you.. make sure that it happens don't depend on no one else. I've made that mistake for along time in my life but now I realize I should have been more independent!! but I have my chance to start off new!!.. : ).. Also whatever dreams you have go for them no matter how dumb or unrealistic they sound to others keep going forward because there's bound to be success!! with hard work and determination and thats what I have