Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wow..Patti Labelle and Lloyd.. Lay it Down Remix!!

Weird combo but good song lol.. I like it though..Check it out below!!

Told Yall

Chris brown is being targeted once again!!.. that young boy can't catch a brake after that Rihanna incident. What people need to realize is that this time he's picking a fight with a man and not a woman so there was something learned lol nah let me stop but foreal though just cause Raz-B was molested people are suppose to feel sorry for him but no one felt sorry for him when he first claimed it but now that chris brown is talking about it its a huge ordeal. I honestly think those molested allegations are false as well because what man in there right mind is going to come out and mention something like that.. lol..That just makes him look bad, none of the other members of B2k have said a thing pertaining to molestation but him. He just wants money and attention and you know what he may have hit the jackpot bothering chris brown because he knows that chris brown will retaliate and he has all the attention in the world now. Sorry Chris but I was on your side!!

X Factors Cher Lloyd

Jay-Z is definitely building Roc Nation. He has a ton of young talented artist and he just recruited Cher Lloyd from X-factor, do yall remember her performance if not here it is!!?! By the way that outfit above ^ I love it!!..