Sunday, December 26, 2010

Jordan Rush : S

Now I remember being in highschool and middle school and early mornings my family would get up to get the latest pair of jordans and I would wear them to school that day : ).. lol but currently I'm 20 years old and I lost that thirst for the latest jordans because it seems to me he put out the same ones every other year anyways and people just keep buying them..I will not be made a statistic for these same shoes every 2 years...But anyways apparently in Houston TX people still have that hunger for jordans. People camped outside and hid in garbage cans and etc. to purchase these jordans on dec. 23Are they worth all the drama and police?!?

Hint Hint: Make up Tip

for starters this picture above ^ isnt me!!!, lol.. Now that thats cleared up, everyone has been asking me how do I get my eyebrows so nice; and I be honest and say I draw them in : ). I've watched tons of videos on youtube until I got them right. The items that happen to work best for me are:
1) Brown eyebrow pencil(soft kind the hard one's arent good for blending purposes)
2) Concealer(Slightly lighter than your natural skin color)
3) and 2 brushes one with a flat brush and the other with sort of a bushy brush for blending the brown so it doesn't lay so thick. I use the flat thin one for applying the concealer underneath and above my eyebrows after I draw a nice thick type of eyebrow.

I hope this kind of gave you an idea of what to get and how to make them just as perfect as this picture above, by the way the girl in the pic is on youtube. She has tons of videos about make up. Her name is MissChriss82

Rihanna has a perfume

Rihanna has new perfume out!!.. Who knew It's called Reb'l Fleur which means rebel follower, she also has a tattoo stating the same words..
I was at the mall today but it totally slipped my mind to ask for it, there's like totally no promotion for it :/ .. I also was informed Kanye West will be coming out with a cologne too.. so be on the look out for that, hopefully he has better promotion.

Miami gave the Lakers a horrible christmas gift

On Christmas day Miami Heat beat the Lakers with a score of 96 to 80, pretty good lead if you ask me. I didn't watch the game myself but I did see clips and it looked like there were a ton of words being said between Kobe and Lebron. hmmm... but with that being said.. Did anyone else know that Lebron had a childrens furniture line??! Apparently the deal was in the works when he played for the cavaliers but once he changed to Miami heat the company didn't feel the need to end the deal. So yeah check out Lebron's furniture I believe its in Value City currently, the commercials are also being ran this week did anyone see them besides me?!?

Here's the commercial