Sunday, January 23, 2011

Princess of the R.O.C

Teairra Mari has been trying to stay relavant but I bet its been tough for her having to deal with Rihanna's major success with the R.O.C. She has recently landed on the cover of LOV magazine. I'm happy she's still going for her dream even though it doesn't seem like HOV could give a care about her career.
This outfit is adorable, minus the major boob action. : )

London Loves Nicki!!

Nicki Minaj was in London all of this week promoting her album and from the looks of things she has a huge fan base over there. Nicki Minaj also had a hard time staying out of trouble she was booted from her hotel and booted from taking pictures of the Buckingham palace by the police. Besides all that happening seems like the fan enjoyed her every second. Go Nicki..