Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mercedes Benz Fashion Show!!

I just decided to place some of my favorite looks from the Mercedes Benz Fashion Show autumn/winter 2011


Hey guys, I'm really feeling bangs right now. I don't have any bangs simply because I have my usual part down the middle right now. Lol and also if you get a bang now a days people think your trying to be like nicki minaj lol.. Bangs been around before Nicki lol but yes she does look adorable with them and made it her look. Maybe for a spring look the bangs will look hot!!..

Boulee's Ciara dress!!

The dress isn't actually made or worn by Ciara but the name of the dress is Ciara by Boulee. This dress can be found at for $198.00. The dress can be worn backwards too, in order to accommodate which shoulder the individual would like in the dress. Above the same dress is worn in different colors .Audrina Patridge from the hills was the first to debut this sexy and daring look back in June and I love it.