Friday, January 21, 2011


For the last two days I've been running into people and they have been telling me how they enjoy my blog and that has given me motivation to continue with my blog everyday. I appreciate you guys support, follow me.. the button is on the upper left side. Thanx guys and come back daily cause I'll keep you guys informed about the latest fashion, make up and celeb gossip. Thanx!!

The Kardashians Don't stop!!

They have their own silly bands now!!.. isn't that unique and funny at the same time. Like i said before these girls don't play when it comes to broadening their horizons.

Something I made on Polyvore today!!..

Just wanted to share it with you guys!!

Antoine Dodson possible reality show

Antoine Dodson is going to possibly be getting his own show. The show is going to be about him moving from Alabama to West Hollywood.They are now in the process of getting a network to take on the show. I would love to watch his show, I'm sure a ton of other people would also like to watch his show as well. Good Luck!!

Update on Iman Make up

I purchased it yesterday and I love it.. Ladies seriously, its a good price for a really good foundation.