Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Too much Concealer

Concealer is an amazing thing but some stars may have went in with it.. please ladies watch our for this common mistake!!

This doesn't look good nor attractive please make sure yours isn't like this mess!!! always get a color that's lighter but not ten shades lighter!! maybe 2 or 3

It's not for everyone!!

Everyone can't have a bald head I'm sorry aka the girl in the pic.. you have to have beautiful features on your face to do so.. or some features that are big

I kid you not!!

This foundation stick is amazing and flawless. It can be purchased for the low price of 15.00 its cosmetic make up for women of color so it looks amazing on African American women. If you ladies are having a hard time finding a foundation that fits your skin type best this is definitely something you should look into. You can have full coverage or minimal coverage with this product. I actually seen it at Ulta and tried it on, I have yet to purchase it but I will. Moneys tight at the moment : )

Update on me!!!

Hey dolls!! and Gents!! I'm Tyshala a junior at Buffalo state college majoring in sociology and a minor in public administration. I'm 20 yrs old. I have been doing a lot of different things with my life lately trying to figure out whats my destiny! my dream profession is to become a hospital administrator. I'm also extremely lucky to be blessed with a talented family that has an eye for art. I guess I kind of picked up some of that talent as well because I enjoy fashion and anything that has to do with it. I enjoy critiquing peoples outfits and helping them evaluate whats best for their body types and I created this blog to do just that and also just blog on my daily life and celebs.I'm a computer junky, have been once since 11 yrs old; give me a computer and I can fix it. I would like to broaden my fashion sense and continue to work with individuals who are also passionate about fashion and beauty. : )

Snooki has a book?!?

who knew!! I was at Barnes and Noble today and ran across this book it surprised me, because what does she possibly have to say that requires her to have a book?!!? hmmm I don't know!!

Drake please!!

lol please keep a shirt on or go to the gym.. either one because I'm sure the ladies isn't feeling this pudgy stomach of yours..or maybe they are.. what ya'll think!?!?

Kim k and new man!?!?

Kim k was spotted around the David Letterman studio looking beautiful as always but she had an extra little baggage with her!!Its her rumored boo Kris Humphries!!
I don't feel like that picture above does him justice so I decided to show you another..What you think :$

Khloe is that you?!?!

Khloe took some pictures for yrb magazine and I can truly say I'm not feeling the red carrot top hair or the edgy look she's going for : (... no bueno girl.. get back to your roots.. here's the rest of the pics from the photo shoot let me know what you think!!

Tami gets the Lipo!!

Tami from basketball wives 2 decided to get liposuction, Great now she looks like the rest of the cast. Lol I know they had it to especially shaunie ain't no woman with that many kids as thin as cardboard .. Here's the clip below!!