Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rihanna and Matt Kemp Finish!!

Okay So I've seen this story on other blogs as well but everyone is saying they broke up because her schedule was to hectic .. Now I don't believe this for two seconds because all of a sudden her schedule is too hectic when he been able to deal with her schedule for like the last 12 months now all of a sudden its too much.. I Hate to burst the bubble but shortly after that video was released with Matt Kemp walking away from that girl when he seen the cameras..From that incident I believe Rihanna seen what I seen.. and yes that girl did know him.. he can't even deny it because paparazzi caught it on camera.SMH..I call it like I see it!!

Raz B Always starting Something

Raz-b got on twitter today and decided to bring up some old news.. he basically said "Im just sittin here Thinking how can n**gas like [Eric Benet] and [Chris Brown] disrespect women as Intelligent as Halle Berry, Rihanna". Now you know chris brown wasn't having that he got on his twitter and let Raz-b have it "When the money was coming in you wasn't complaing about getting butplugged"..oohwee lol that's true though!! lol.. In my opinion Raz B need to sit down he's just bitter cause he's broke and he ain't get the attention he wanted once he mentioned he was being molested by his cousin Chris Stokes. Now watch the media start talking about how homophobic chris brown is, when it ain't even intended like that, Raz B just need to stay in his place!!!!

Kim K making a Video: Kanye's the leading guy?!?!?

Now that has to be the craziest stuff I've heard all year, I know this girl has her hands in everything perfume, Weight pills(Quick Trim), Watches(that's new),Clothes(Bebe and Dash stores).. now music!! It can't be..SMH.. I'll be honest I love Kim Kardashian and I'm not mad that she's making money but honestly I don't feel like music is the next best move!!.. Like I can't see her in a video lol on 106&parks countdown ughh!! that's just creepy lol.. Hopefully her voice is stunning and shocks me but for now I'm on the other side.. but who knows!!

When I seen my grades this week

I was like:
Animated Gifs
lmao!! no seriously!!

Make up Brushes

So if your having a hard time starting the make up process..the first thing I suggest is purchasing some brushes. These brushes above ^ I use each and every 1 for different purposes. Applying any make up I use brushes instead of like a sponge or cotton <==== those items are messy and dirty. Try the different brushes to see which one works best for applying foundation,minerals,eyeshadow, eyebrows and etc. Be sure to clean the brushes occasionally because.. you can.

Where do I get most of my make up from?!?

It's Ulta. It's a make up store that carries tons of different brands kind of like Sephora because it also carries it's own brand as well. I get my mineral foundation from MAC though because its like the only thing that lays on my face without looking so fake or cakey. If you guys have any questions feel free to ask me about any make up tips of hints and I'll inform you on how to get it done and if i dont know how to get it done I can refer you to popular videos on YOUTUBE

New music from: Alicia Keys ft Eve

Alicia keys and Eve have a new song, they haven't had a song together since that Gangsta loving song back in the day. I like this one way better this should be a hit the song is nice!!Listen Below!!

Cute outfit: That I designed


Brown by TyshalaW featuring