Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hint Hint: Make up Tip

for starters this picture above ^ isnt me!!!, lol.. Now that thats cleared up, everyone has been asking me how do I get my eyebrows so nice; and I be honest and say I draw them in : ). I've watched tons of videos on youtube until I got them right. The items that happen to work best for me are:
1) Brown eyebrow pencil(soft kind the hard one's arent good for blending purposes)
2) Concealer(Slightly lighter than your natural skin color)
3) and 2 brushes one with a flat brush and the other with sort of a bushy brush for blending the brown so it doesn't lay so thick. I use the flat thin one for applying the concealer underneath and above my eyebrows after I draw a nice thick type of eyebrow.

I hope this kind of gave you an idea of what to get and how to make them just as perfect as this picture above, by the way the girl in the pic is on youtube. She has tons of videos about make up. Her name is MissChriss82

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