Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Cornrows 2011 Trend!!?!?

Hmm maybe its the trend so many celebs have took it back to their cornrow days that I happen to think its going to be a huge trend this year, not to mention I seen a girl at my school with them as well. My bestfriend was mentioning to me she wanted to get some too, so yeah be on the look out for that. I don't personally want those poetic justice type braids :|.. But check the celebs out who went back to their roots.
Y'all remember these days though right!!
Check out brandy taking it back!!(this is recent yall see Terrance j)
Now im taking it back to old brandy!!In this pic its her dad and grandmother, Moesha days..doesn't seem like brandy ages!!
Lol Kim K in Cornrows!?! (for her video)

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