Saturday, January 8, 2011

Law Enforcement

I'm normally all for cops enforcing and making the streets safe but I'm bamboozeled about the many times cops have taken innocent lives. In Rochester there has been sudden deaths or shootings by law enforcement. A 15 yr old boy was hit by a police officer and he died, last night a guy was shot by a police officer because he appeared to have a gun, but he didn't have a gun. Cops have been abusing and taking innocent lives since Rodney King. Someone needs to put an end to it or better training. I'm sure you've all heard of the Sean bell shooting when the cops shot and killed sean bell before his wedding day and didn't get charged. I'm starting to think that maybe the cops are the gang because they stick up for there officers but they don't stick up for the citizens which is there job. Shows like Law and Order and CSI shows how dedicated officers and detectives are at capturing and pursuing a suspect. I know its just a show but we need more officers to take on these roles instead of placing cameras in the inner cities hoping to catch a drug dealer. What they need to do is go out here and catch some killers the only killers they pursue is if its one of there own.

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