Saturday, January 8, 2011

Falling whistles

The biggest war in the world is in Congo!!"Congo is this overwhelming issue. It’s the biggest war in the world: 5.6 million dead, at least; 2,000 dying per day; 70 percent of the rapes of the world is in Congo"-Carasso the thing that's even more terrifying is that they are stealing children specifically young boys all under 15 and making them fight in war. The young boys that are to small to hold a gun are given whistles and are told to whistle when they see the enemy coming. They are basically used as human shields because they are then killed. This happens everyday and we aren't aware of it because it isn't happening in America. I'm all for dedicating and these whistles are only $44.00 that's including shipping and handling. Everyone should go out and purchase it..It's for a great cause!!

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